Fast boat from Sanur to Mandalika which has just been inaugurated on the 1st of November 2022 immediately becomes a popular transportation option for travelers interested in exploring the beautiful beaches and a long string of other attractions that Lombok has to offer.

Mandalika is quite far away from the Gilis, Bangsal, and Senggigi where fast boat service from Bali has been available for years. It is good choice for those making Gilis and Senggigi as their destination. But to reach Mandalika from either Bangsal or Senggigi, a winding two hours drive awaits.

Additionally, most fast boat services to the Gilis, Bangsal, and Senggigi departs from Padang Bay, a ferry port located about 1.5 hours drive away from most popular tourist enclaves like Kuta and Sanur.

All in all, omitting the waiting time here and there, the whole journey takes at least 4 hours.

No wonder that the new direct fast boat from Sanur to Mandalika that only needs 2.5 hours comfortable cruise  immediately attracts massive interest. The executive of J Trips, the transport company that provides the service, told the press that 570 passengers were served within the first 2 days of its operation.

For the time being one return service is available every day aboard a vessel that carries up to 150 passengers.

One way trip costs Rp. 450,000.

Why Would You Want to Go to Mandalika?

Designated as one of the top priority in the government’s plan for tourism development, Mandalika now has sufficient facilities to cater tourist activities. Beyond the newly built top-end resorts, Mandalika even has an international circuit that hosts two of the world’s most prestigious motorcycle competitions, MotoGP and WSBK.

The new facilities change the way tourists explore the cascade of beautiful beaches along Lombok’s southern shoreline from an adventurous off the beaten track expedition to a rater luxurious experience.

You don’t want to miss it!